Glass Mosaics


I live in rural Devon UK surrounded by nature, wild meadow and a colourful, cultivated garden overflowing with flowers that invite an orchestra of insects to play from Spring to Autumn.

This inspired me to create a large piece for exhibition portraying the intricate, complex and vital role of bees, insects, and flowers in our existence.

This large colourful sphere represents our world and is created by small uncountable pieces which together illustrate the continuation of life and where it all began… “The Garden”.

“Florescence” is Stained Glass Mosaic on a fibreglass ball, 1200mm wide and due to a flat base, 1120mm in height. Myself and my assistant, Robyn Melvin Freed worked for 4 months covering the substrate with thousands of hand cut and shaped pieces of glass along with bugs, ladybirds, butterflies and dragonflies. As with all my glass mosaics, Florescence is designed for all year garden display being both water and frost proof. These mosaic spheres can also be made to float on water.

This work is available for exhibition, please contact me for further details.